Release notes

    Note: links marked with the ✔ icon contain a link to the version.

    [2022.05.04] 2022.05.04
    • srt_output - fix for streams with a high bitrate
    • srt_output - option statsout=FILE (write statistics to csv file)
    • srt - option packet filter
    • udp_output - fixed audio out-of-sync for cbr
    • dvb_input - dropped if the ci adapter number is incorrect
    • hls_input - timeout option (by default depends on the segment time)
    • dvb_input - option for getting statistics on dvb api v3 (useful for older drivers)
    • http_server - fastopen option
    • the restart_adapter parameter completely restarts the adapter in case the cam module freezes.
      the parameter is added to one of the streams that you need to monitor. When the stream switches to scrambled, the adapter will be restarted
    • Download the control build
      • srt_input: correction with reconnection when the connection is broken
      • global: protection against multiqueries that can cause the Astra process to stop working. (Important update!)
    • srt_input: support for the passphrase option - password from 10 to 79 characters. (In input set://ip:port#passphrase=1234567890) (so far only IP)
    • mpts: fixed the EMM auto-remap
    • http server: with https enabled and a request for, https is not used
    • observer can now change its user settings.
    • increased the frequency of data collection from DVB adapters.
    • added access log (settings -> general -> Http access log)
    • checking the port for busy at startup.
    • CBR update.
    • fixed audio out-of-sync in CBR
    ✔ [2021.08.09]astra-2021.08.09
    • added SAP protocol:
      example: udp://

      • sap=global (default)
      • sap=org
      • sap=local
      • sap=link
    • udp: update protocol

    • web: fixed no-web-auth

    [2021.07.08] astra-2021.07.08
    • srt_input: disabled by default "Timestamp-based Packet Delivery mode". Is enabled by the tsbpdmode option
    • srt_input: fixed the "failed to bind SRT socket" error"
    • hbbtv_url fix (AIT didn't work without specifying pnr)
    [2021.06.24] astra-2021.06.24
    • fixed: dns-resolver in srt input
    [2021.06.21] astra-2021.06.21
    • fixed: sat-ip
    • added srt-input
    ✔[2021.05.11] astra-2021.05.11
    • ability to change the name of a file with a playlist: Settings -> HTTP Play -> Custom name for Playlist
    • updated API
    • changed logic for restarting dvb adapters with ci modules
    • ddci and tbs-c: fixed subscription renewal for tricolor
    • mpts: autoremap for EMM
    • monitoring (influx and api) added uptime, pes_error and sc_error as a percentage
    [09.03.2021] astra-09.03.2021
    • in Settings -> Http auth, the "Block token" item appeared. You can add tokens that cannot be used.
    • fixed a memory leak
    • added IP address display in network interfaces
    • Log -> Settings -> HTTP Access Log - you can enable the stream access log (only those who get access are logged)
    • Settings -> General -> Bind DVB by MAC-binds adapters to mac addresses.
    [21.01.2021] astra-2021-01-19
    • udp_input + thread: fixed app freeze on lost many sources at once
    • http_output: support https
    • settings -> general: options for https server
    • settings -> general: options for network name (NIT), service provider name (SDT), default codepage (SDT)
    • hls_input: more attempts to download data
    • hls_input/http_input: support HTTP codes 307 and 308 for redirect
    • dvb_input: fixed packets filter, restore option "budget" to disable filter
    • hls_output: pass only audio/video, drops: ait,sub,ttx,data
    • input_backup: default delay before start backup input is 5 seconds and 30 seconds after channel start. default delay before return from backup is 30 seconds
    • analyze: warn on unknown pid in the stream
    • api: fix set-stream-input
    ✔[09.12.2020] astra-70ed57af
    • udp_input + thread: - reduced RAM/CPU consumption-udp_input + renew-sends only JOIN request, without LEAVE

    • epg export: saving to xmltv: fixed a bug where channels with & or " are in the name broke the entire xmltv

    • epg export: added support for the Georgian language from 31.5 E

    • dvb_input: reduced RAM/CPU consumption

    • dvb_input: added TBS5580 support

    ✔[13.11.2020] astra-42c5462f
    [04.11.2020] astra-5bd8a662
    • fix memory leaks.
    • fixed crash when connecting to some cameras
    [12.10.2020] astra-30673adf
    • fix master-slave mode.
    • HLS - removed the session number in the segment address. Added the random prefix xxxxxx-index-s0-123456789.ts
    ✔ [09.10.2020] astra-f2c86d98
    • the path option in the settings for hls. possible options are absolute (default), full, relative

      "hls": {
          "path": "full",
    • hostname option in settings. hostname. which is sent to monitoring. by default, the system name is used.

    ✔ [21.09.2020] astra-f1dd66b7
    ✔ [11.09.2020] astra-b1978f13
    • udp: update buffer
    [09.09.2020] astra-25a91de
    • core update
    [04.09.2020] astra-db39a28f
    • DVB: fix pes-limit
    [04.09.2020] astra-e71c3afe
    • HLS-output: fixed a bug with sessions
    • the -p option supports the interface astra -p ip:port ( default )
    • added https output
    • Increased the waiting time for cam-module initialization

    !!!!!! Attention! Now the astra versions differ from each other by the release number. This is not the final version!

    ✔ [26.06.2020] astra-834fa5de
    [20.08.2020] astra-c56213fd
    • fix descrambling
    [24.07.2020] astra-c05c5b82
    • cbr update
    [26.06.2020] astra-7d65531b
    • cbr update
    [18.06.2020] astra-79cc312c
    • cbr update
    [16.06.2020] astra-bf4e5c36
    • cbr update
    • if the input has channel processing (pnr, no_sdt, map, filter, and so on), the extra PCR will be erased
    • timeout option for monitoring. by default, 10 seconds (#interval=30&timeout=60 )
    [18.05.2020] astra-32febdb0

    pcr in udp output

    [11.05.2020] astra-c70180d1

    fix ddci

    ✔ [14.05.2020] astra-d9c00ca6
    [04.05.2020] astra-424a7f37
    • hls: the session number is now added to the segment names: ?sid=xxxx
      • hls - Segments naming - sequence - fixed
    • astra init requires instead of
    • dvb-input: the budget mod is enabled by default
    [14.04.2020] astra-a36e3af7
    • core update
    [30.03.2020] astra-53be5334
    • core update
    [20.03.2020] astra-4d562c6b
    • mpts: disable auto-remap. (mpts settings -> Advanced -> Disable PID's auto-remap)
    [13.03.2020] astra-ec1b849f
    • crash while maintaining the stream.
    • recognition (AC-3) in the stream
    • settings - hls: an option to enable relative path
    • analyzer: dolby digital support
    [10.03.2020] astra-430ee70f
    • tvg-id for playlist.m3u8
    • other update
    [26.02.2020] astra-1e6d5334
    • improved udp input, with enabled threads
    • improved launch of external applications: exec://
    • hls output: fixed memory leak
    • improved epg-export
    • improved flow update for changes in PAT/PMT tables
    [11.02.2020] astra-d75a3a47
    • authorization - fix headers error
    • more fixes
      • fix hls input errors
    [10.02.2020] astra-cab902ca
    • dvb_input: fixed "recv buffer overflow"
    • mpts: updates pmt on the output if there are changes on the input
    [31.01.2020] astra-f1e0841d
    • udp output: fixed "buffer overflow"