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  1. Contact with Cesbo :(

    Hello. Does someone know why Cesbo support isn't responding since month?
  2. mag322 & (MAG-3xx BISS plugin)

    Hi Rafal. Infomir prepared tool for compiling plugin for MAG322. Cesbo has to recompile plugin with this tool. I wrote to Andrew about this, but i think He is on holidays :)
  3. mag322 & (MAG-3xx BISS plugin)

    Hi. Has anyone run Cesbo BISS plugin with MAG322? In this version of MAG directory structure is different, and I don't know where to put ilbCasCustom4.so file. I tried many ways without success. /tmp/key file is filled properly. I wrote to Infomir, and they are investigating problem, but maybe someone of Astra users has already solved this.
  4. Astra 5.6x - still free?

    Hello. Is astra 5.6x still free? I got message today: Aug 30 19:22:05: INFO: [main] Starting Astra v.5.61 Aug 30 19:22:05: INFO: check license Aug 30 19:22:05: INFO: License required. Please, buy license or get trial license for free on https://cesbo.com/astra-license Aug 30 19:22:05: INFO: [main] Exit It's not extended version. Thx for answer.