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      If you have any questions related to installation and purchase, please check our documentation https://cesbo.com/en/astra/docs/ and terms of service https://cesbo.com/en/terms/
      Also, we have an official Telegram chat: https://t.me/cesbo_en  you can ask any questions or share your experience with colleagues Если у вас возникли вопросы по установке и покупке, ознакомьтесь пожалуйста с документацией по адресу https://cesbo.com/ru/astra/docs/ и условиями использования https://cesbo.com/ru/terms/
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  1. CAT PID missing

    The attached picture shows the inspection result of the final TS stream and the problem.
  2. HI, we use astra as multicast => DVB-C converter. Each DVB-C transponder has multiple multicast input streams. In case of scrambles channels each multicast stream contains all the needed PIDs. For EMM PIDs we noticed that the resulting DVB-C transport stream contains multiple copies of the same TS packet. That causes TS discontinue errors on the receiver side. We suspect that Astra blindly copies the EMM pids from each input stream to the output. As EMM pids are typically shared across all channels of a pay TV provider and each input stream contains a copy of them that leads to the observed bahaviour. The attached screenshot shows the problem with two input streams (2 copies of each TS packet) We tried filtering the PIDs as a workaround on one of the channels like "udp://vlan20@,4101,4103,4104,4115" but that didn't have any impact. Is there some kind of a TS de-duplications buffer feature (make Astra look at the TS packets sent in the last X seconds and check if it was already sent) which we're missing?
  3. CAT PID missing

    Hi, we're using astra as a multicast to dvb-c converter. We also want to forward some encrypted streams. But activating smart cards doesn't work. We suspect it's due to missing Conditional Access Tables (PID 1/table id 1) We've multiple input streams like this: udp://vlan20@ The input stream contains all necessary PIDs: PID 1 (CAT) EMM PIDs ECM PIDs But the resulting transport stream is missing PID 1. Due to that the receiver can descramble the channel correctly (ECM pids) with activated cards but the mapping between CA system id and EMM pids (defined in the CAT/PID 1) is missing. Due to that card updates don't work. How can we make astra send correct CAT tables (or at least pass PID 1 from one of the input streams).