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  1. Gospell DVB-C STB and Astra + RESI

    i already have IPQAM's . However would like to use the resi board's instead.
  2. Gospell DVB-C STB and Astra + RESI

    Hi, mechanik ,,, thanks for the reply . i use IPQAMS too, but im trying to use a more simple / elegant / cheap solution. How you manage to keep al stb at updated NIT, using the Version tap on the ipqam nit insetor ? Thanks
  3. Gospell DVB-C STB and Astra + RESI

    Anyone? We would like to pay a consulting service to anyone who solve this issue . Thanks.
  4. Gospell DVB-C STB and Astra + RESI

    Hi : Need someone with experience with this stb. How can we make the stb to do the auto nit search using astra and RESI QAM modulators ? we need a automatic way to keep all STB at the latest NIT . Thanks .
  5. Monitoring streams

    anyone ?, a android app for the phone would be great.
  6. MPTS to SPTS

    Hi. You have to know the PRN program number of the especific channel you want to pick from the mpts. i mean you dont have a search like in the DVB adapter option. here you have to use another tool like vlc to discover the programs number (PRN). Hope this help you. i have to learn it the hardway since no one here help at all. Best regards. Juliux
  7. How to insert NIT in the stream ?

    Hi all: Anyone knows how to insert NIT in the streams ?, with the support of RESI DVB-C Modulators and simulcrypt scrambling,we are seriously thinking on removing our EdgeQams and replace it with resi modulators on our headend. We have only 2 issues : 1- How to insert NIT on all frequencies .( NIT version is mandatory) 2- Biggest resi modulator has max 24 frecuencies , at the moment we are using 48 frecuencies, can we add 2 cards ? ,can astra handle it? Coments are very appreciated. Andrey thanks for this great software. !!!
  8. PowerVu pls

    Excelent explanation . And there is one more reason in my opinion the most important , powervu coding is used on C band transponders wich is weather proof and don't fade with the rain and clouds . That transmission is 99.99999 uptime availability wich is the target stream for the serious applications on this industry,it's more costly because you have to get more transponders but is a most for a operator. I want to use powerVU. How can I get astra to decode it ? . I can pay for the service if needed. Thanks Juliux