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  1. Free Proxy

    Are you sniffing all traffic ? :)
  2. Timeshift Сталкера на астре

    what about opencaster? first insert null packets in source using tsorts, then use tspcrrestamp to reset new pcr-s then output to udp or file
  3. Astra problem or not?

    4.3.118, didn't tested with newer... But i am pretty sure, that they will be the same... But i don't get it, what is exactly the problem, there are no CC errors, some set top boxes(like NETA and Gospell) are showing same program , but some how they are correcting this problem, and it is very difficult to see it on them... It is very noticeable on HD channels... On my tv - sony bravia 2015 only picture is problematic, but on latest Samsung tv there is audio freezing too...
  4. Astra problem or not?

    Hello, i have problem with some channels. They are skipping some frames. Attaching a video for easiest explanation. It is happening only for some channels, and they are on different multiplexes and with or without cas. Is it something that can be coming from Astra or fixed with Astra? Replay the video to see better the problem. Thank you The problem is exactly in the middle of the video - the freezing and fast moving.
  5. Местный "Рекламный канал"

    First dont use, use something from 239 range...
  6. Sport Channels

    A sattelite dish + Sky set top box + sky subscription is your best option :)
  7. Any info about Spanish BBVA Liga broadcast for Russia ?!?
  8. Removing it just because....
  9. Hello, can you check your file for trojans? I am downloading it from yandex and Microsoft Defender is giving virus detection.
  10. VKV - test and price on pm please, also a channel list will be good
  11. How to Scan Frequency on Cesbo

    Hello, first of all, tell us which version of astra are you using? And more , how do you start astra? Can you start it with arguments "astra -c test.conf -p 9999" for example and see what is going on on selected port via browser ? Then you can ask your questions again :)
  12. Astra+Nginx+rtmp+ffmpeg

    And you registered just to say that :)
  13. Продам 4 TBS 6985

    This was the price at topic start time...
  14. Need help from someone for yandex money

    Everything is OK, thank you WurrMurr!