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      News!   12/10/17

      If you have any questions related to installation and purchase, please check our documentation https://cesbo.com/en/astra/docs/ and terms of service https://cesbo.com/en/terms/
      Also, we have an official Telegram chat: https://t.me/cesbo_en  you can ask any questions or share your experience with colleagues Если у вас возникли вопросы по установке и покупке, ознакомьтесь пожалуйста с документацией по адресу https://cesbo.com/ru/astra/docs/ и условиями использования https://cesbo.com/ru/terms/
      Так же, обращаю внимание, что у нас есть официальный Телеграмм чат: https://t.me/cesbo_ru в котором можно задать вопросы - или поделиться своим опытом с коллегами


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  1. Interesting PCIe expander!

    Here is something interesting that can be used to have up to 12 pcie dvb card on one PC. However at the moment one can use the mining motherboards to do the same thing much cheaper! http://www.digital-devices.eu/shop/en/pcie-expander/
  2. 2 Digital TV Max S8 (4/8) help plss

    check yout inbox.
  3. 2 Digital TV Max S8 (4/8) help plss

    Dear fgarciacca you need to modify nano dvbdev.h like mentioned before //#if defined(CONFIG_DVB_MAX_ADAPTERS) && CONFIG_DVB_MAX_ADAPTERS > 0 // #define DVB_MAX_ADAPTERS CONFIG_DVB_MAX_ADAPTERS //#else #define DVB_MAX_ADAPTERS 16 //#endif then re-install the drivers!!!! you need to run the following commands in the directory where you have unzipped the drivers. make clean make make install
  4. Stalker middleware integration!

    in the web gui there is section where you can download the http channel list in m3u format. I need a script to get this list add the prefix ffrt and send it to stalker automatically.
  5. Stalker middleware integration!

  6. Hi, i was wondering if there is any script to create a channel list in http format and send it to stalker. It would also required to add the prefix ffrt. A the moment i have to download the m3u channel list manually, add the ffrt prefix and import it to stalker. It is tedious to do that every time i need to add/remove any channels.
  7. Strange Ubuntu error!

    update: Warning messages have disappeared.
  8. Strange Ubuntu error!

    Googling this error seems to be something related to power management of some kind of Point-LP PCI Express Root Port. I tried to use the pcie_aspm=off option in linux grub file. Will see if it corrects the issue.
  9. Hi, I have an installation with ubuntu and DD MAX A8 card. I live in Greece and try to stream DIGEA dvbt channels to a local network. When I scan a certain frequency in Cesbo Astra the scan window gets the channels but shows a different frequency from the one I have set to scan! I have attached a screenshot. I set Astra to scan 682mhz but Astra scans 722 MHz!!!
  10. Strange Ubuntu error!

    Hi, i have an HP ml10 G9 with 2 DD MAX S8 cards and 1 DD MAX A8 cars And Ubuntu 14 x64 i see the following error in command prompt. However Cesbo Astra works fine. Any idea why ?
  11. Try to choose dvb-s first and then dvbs-2 !
  12. Thank you askat, i tun 2 instances because one instance does not let me use more than 8 adapters!!
  13. Hi, i have installed 2 DD Max S8 cards in order to stream Astra 19.2 and Hotbird 13 into a local network. We have maximum 32 Mag254 clients and use Http solution to stream the channels to Stalker. I start two instances of Astra one for each satelite. On the first instance the guests can see the channels but i constantly get the following errors in the log. Any idea why? Is it normal or i must do something? Sep 27 01:27:16 [http_server] http/stream client error [104: Connection reset by peer] Sep 27 01:27:24 [http_server] http/stream client error [104: Connection reset by peer] Sep 27 01:32:51 [http_server] http/stream client error [104: Connection reset by peer] Sep 27 01:33:02 [http_server] http/stream client error [104: Connection reset by peer] DebugInfo
  14. max umber of tuners

    Hi, got 2 digital devices max s8 cards. i can only run 8 tuners on the dashboard. I think i have to make two config files each one for each card. My question is how to setup startup with two config files? will the followind do the job? #!/bin/sh ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: astra # Required-Start: $network $syslog $named # Required-Stop: $network $syslog $named # Default-Start: 2 3 4 5 # Default-Stop: 0 1 6 # Short-Description: Start/stop astra ### END INIT INFO set -e if [ -z "$1" ] ; then echo "Usage: $0 [start|stop|restart]" exit 0 fi if [ "$1" = "start" ] ; then ulimit -n 65536 /usr/bin/astra --pid /var/run/astra.pid --log /var/log/astra.log -c /etc/astra/astra.conf -p 8001 --daemon & /usr/bin/astra --pid /var/run/astra.pid --log /var/log/hotb.log -c /etc/astra/hotb.conf -p 8002 --daemon elif [ "$1" = "stop" ] ; then kill `cat /var/run/astra.pid` elif [ "$1" = "restart" ] ; then $0 stop sleep 1 $0 start fi astra.conf will be for astra 19.2 and hotb.cong for hotbird 13.0
  15. I have the same problem!