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  1. GeForce GTX 1080 vs NVIDIA GRID M40

    Hi, Anybody know if this patch exist for NVIDIA Windows Drivers?. Thank you for your help. Regards.
  2. Softcam redundancy?

    Thank you for your advice, works perfect. Best regards.
  3. Softcam redundancy?

    Noted friend, so how do you fix this glitches?, what is the best practices?. Thanks.
  4. Softcam redundancy?

    Thank you for your reply colleague, so based in your example and using my actual config it should be like this: "make_stream": [ { "type": "spts", "name": "Channel name", "input": [ "dvb://a001#pnr=30900&cam=a008&filter=81,82,83", "dvb://a001#pnr=30900&cam=a009&filter=81,82,83" ], "http_keep_active": "-1", "enable": true, "id": "a002" "output": [ "http://0:3000/channelid" ] It´s ok ? Thank you.
  5. Softcam redundancy?

    Hi all, It is possible to have softcam redundancy on Astra?, I mean to have two different newcamd user from different sources on a single stream I.E. dvb://a001#pnr=29967&cam=a00c&cam=a00i In case that first newcamd connection not works the stream continues using second newcamd line. Regards.
  6. Streams Access Authorization

    Hi all, Could you please provide me a example config to enable stream authentication access ?. I followed this instructions but not works for me .... https://cesbo.com/en/astra/auth/ I´m using astra 5.63-rc1. Regards.