EPG/EIT generator

    EPG generator (eit), used to add electronic program guide in DVB-C/T network

    Download and install the generator executable file:

    curl -Lo /usr/bin/eit-stream http://cesbo.com/and/eit-stream
    chmod +x /usr/bin/eit-stream

    Create a configuration file /etc/astra/eit.ini
    Sample file:

    xmltv = /opt/xmltv.xml
    output = udp://lo@
    onid = 8000
    codepage = 5
    eit-days = 1
    eit-rate = 1500
    country = RUS
    offset = +300
    tsid = 1001
    pnr = 101
    xmltv-id = 1TV_O4
    xmltv = /opt/xmltv2.xml
    pnr = 102
    xmltv-id = RTR_D4
    tsid = 1002
    pnr = 413
    xmltv-id = Kinipokaz
    pnr = 414
    xmltv-id = Multimania

    xmltv - path to xmltv file
    output - broadcast address
    onid - network id
    codepage - codepage, (1 - Western Europe)
    eit-days - number of days in epg. default is 3
    eit-rate - maximum bitrate in kbps. default 3000

    # tdt-tot
    country - country code in format ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
    offset - the time offset in minutes from UTC

    tsid - multiplex id

    pnr - channel number/pnr
    xmltv-id - channel id in xmltv

    codepage can be overridden: for example in multiplex specify codepage = 1 then for all channels in multiplex is iso8895-1 (Western Europe) or in service specify codepage = 9, then for a certain channel will be iso8859-9 (Turkish)


    eit-stream /etc/astra/eit.ini 

    Data update from the xmltv file occurs when the utility restarts.

    Starting/restarting the utility can be organized by a simple bash-script:

    killall eit-stream
    screen -d -m -S eit eit-stream /etc/astra/eit.ini

    Running this script can be added to the cron task scheduler - to run every hour.