PID - TS Packet identifier

    Elementary streams (video, audio) and information tables are packed to the TS-packets. Each packet has unique identifier - PID.
    The PID value must be between 0 and 8191. The range 0 to 31 and 8191 is reserved and should not be used. You can use any PID in the range from 32 to 8190.

    How to find PID values in the stream?

    • With VLC player:
      Play the stream, then open Tools - Media Information - Codec. The "Original ID" field contains PID value.
    • With Astra analyzer:
      Launch in console:
      astra --analyze "stream address"

    CBR/VBR - Bitrate

    Stream bitrate has two types:

    • VBR - variable bitrate, depends of the stream compression ratio
    • CBR - constant bitrate, this is VBR stream stuffed with NULL-TS packets\
      NULL-TS packets have constant PID - 8191 and don't have payload, only zeros.

    To generate CBR streams in Astra append the cbr option into the output address. Value should be in Kbit/s. For example:


    Note: the "no_sync" option disables CBR
    For versions below 5.63 - the CBR option must be used in conjunction with the "sync" option"

    If stream bitrate higher than "cbr" value, then stream passed as is. Option works only for UDP-output. For any other formats no reason to use CBR.