TBS DVB-C modulator

    This card is a PCI DVB-C modulator with 4 dependent frequencies.
    !!! available from version from 2021.08.09

    There are 4 modulators on the board, with the characteristics:
    Frequencies: 100 ~ 1000 MHz
    Modulation - 6/32/64/128/256QAM
    RF Output Level (5-120 dBuV)

    Find the modulator number using the command:

    find "/dev" -name "mod*"

    In the output - we will see the numbers of modulators:

    root@dvb:~# find "/dev" -name "mod*"

    tbsmod0 - card number,
    mod 0 - mod 3 - modulator numbers on card.

    Let's set up Astra:
    An MPTS stream must be sent to the modulator(/latest/astra/web-interface/mpts)
    In the output setting, we specify the type of tbs:tbs://#adapter=0&device=0 (0 - modulator number.) (for the next frequency -tbs://#adapter=0&device=1)
    Astra receives data on the frequency and type of modulation from the completed NIT table in mpts.
    Setup example: