DigitalDevices RESI DVB-C Modulator

    RESI is a DVB-C modulator by the DigitalDevices

    4 - 24 Transponder according to DVB-C specification
    Frequency range: 114 – 858 MHz
    Symbol rates: 1,0 – 7,1 MSym/s
    QAM: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
    Signal / Noise ratio: 42dB
    Output with 8 channels (per channel): 101 dBµV

    Configuring the adapter:
    Find the card number and modulators using the command:

    find "/dev/dvb" -name "mod*"

    In the output - we get the number of the adapter and its modulators.

    root@dvb:~# find "/dev/dvb" -name "mod*"

    adapter0 - adapter number in the system
    mod0 - 7 - this is 8 modulators on this card (8 frequencies)

    Settings in Astra:
    MPTS must be sent to the modulator input
    In the output setting, select the transfer type-RESI:

    Adapter - number of the adapter in the system. (in our example, 0)
    Device - number of the modulator on the adapter. (in our example-4 modulator)
    !! Please note: all these fields are filled in manually!
    Symbol Rate
    Attenuator - signal level. (the higher the number , the lower the output signal level)