The tab allows you to change the description and type of the stream.


    These settings change the SDT table. (Table with information about the stream)

    Service Type - Service type (for example, Radio или Teletext)
    Service Provider - Provider name.
    Service Name - Stream name.
    Codepage - Codepage (for USA - Latin (ISO 6937))

    HbbTV URL

    • the url of the HbbTV server.

    HbbTV is a standard for transmitting additional offers from the Internet to the TV. To receive specially prepared web pages in CE-HTML format (Consumer Electronics HTML), an Internet connection is required, as well as a specially equipped TV device or an additional HbbTV receiver. It is also possible to receive a signal via satellite. "Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television" along with information about the programs also has the ability to download the contents of the transmission and interactive components. More detailed

    Conditional Access

    You can register a few CAS. Encryption will be performed with one key, but with different ECM.
    ECM PID- PID for ECM packages (User defined).
    ECM Private Data -the data of the conditional access system is added to the description of the ECM stream in the PMT table. If these parameters do not exist, you do not need to add them.
    Access Criteria - This data will be provided by the CAS provider or defined on the CAS server.