On this tab - you can combine in one web interface several different web interfaces Astra located on different servers or ports. This increases the ease of navigation between servers.


    Server - tab select/add. You can select an existing server from the list or create a new one.

    Enable - checkbox to enable/disable the service.
    Name - Server name. Serves for easy identification
    Type - server type. currently only one option is available: Streamer
    Address - ip or dns name of the remote server. Please note: this address must be accessible from your computer!
    Port - port of the remote server on which the Astra process is running
    Login - Login
    Password - Password.

    Appy/Test - here, in addition to the standard button for applying parameters, we have a button Test: it allows you to test the connection and, if necessary, correct the entered parameters.

    After adding a new server - streams and adapters that are present on it - will appear on the Dashboard tab.
    When you add a new stream or adapter, the web interface will provide you with a choice: on which server you want to create a new stream or adapter. Cas and edit config options are also available on the remote server.