HTTP Play - is a simple way to provide access to the channels with HTTP or HLS protocols.

    By the default HTTP Play disabled. To activate it open Settings -> HTTP Play.


    • Allow HTTP access to all streams - enable access to the channels with HTTP protocol
    • Allow HLS access to all streams - enable access to the channels with HLS protocol. Attention! This option turn off activation on demand, all channels will works permanently. Also HLS Protocol use a lot of RAM, about 4Mb per 1Mbit
    • Http play port - the port that will be used for the playlist and streams. It is used to separate the web interface and the playlist
    • Disable TLS on HTTP Play port - if https is configured and you don't want to use https for the playlist, enable this checkbox.

    • Path to tv logos - stream logos in the playlist. The name of the stream must match the name of the icon. sample setup:
      mkdir /var/lib/astra
      cd /var/lib/astra
      curl -LO
      mv it999_transparent_220x132 tvg-logo

      The path in the settings will be /var/lib/astra/tvg-logo
      When the channel starts, the icon is cached in memory.
      The path to the icon in the playlist: http://server:8000/playlist/tvg-logo/id-stream.png

    • custom name for playlist - rename playlist.m3u8 to an arbitrary name.

    • Playlist Arrange - select a category for grouping channels. You may configure groups in the Settings -> Groups

    • playlist.m3u8 - link to the channel list. You may use playlist on the mobile devices, computer, TV, or Set-top-Box. To the link address you may append authentication details. Read more: Access authorization

    Attention!: by the default access authentication disabled. Without authentication unauthorized persons could get access to your channels with network scanners. To restrict access to your channels, please use Access authorization or System Firewall to limit access to your server.