Zabbix [new]

    !Available from version astra-2021.05.11

    Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source monitoring solution for network and application monitoring.

    Install Zabbix-Server

    Zabbix-server can be installed on any server. Same server with Astra or dedicated server:

    1. Go to Zabbix website:
    2. Choose Zabbix v.5.4
    3. Choose your platform
    4. Launch commands from the instruction on the Zabbix site

    Find out more information on official site:

    Install Zabbix-Agent

    Zabbix-agent should be installed on the same server with Astra. If you installed zabbix-server on the same server, just skip this step.

    1. Go to Zabbix website:
    2. Choose your platform
    3. Launch commands from the instruction on the Zabbix site

    Find out more information on official site:

    Configure Zabbix-Agent

    1. Open configuration file: sudo nano /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf
    2. Find option Server= and set the IP or DNS name of the server where Zabbix is installed
    3. Save the file by pressing Ctrl+O and exit the editor by pressing: Ctrl+X
    4. Download scripts for zabbix-agent: curl | tar -zxC /opt
    5. Scripts will be saved to /opt/zabbix_agent directory
    6. set rights: chmod +x /opt/zabbix_agent/*
    7. Setup configuration file: curl -o /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/astra.conf
    8. Install the dependencies for scripts:
      • on RedHat-like systems: yum install python3 python3-requests
      • on Debian-like systems: apt-get install python3 python3-requests
    9. Restart the agent service: service zabbix-agent restart

    Configure Astra

    1. Open the Aastra web interface
    2. Go to Settings -> Users
    3. Create user with the Administrator type to access the zabbix-agent to Astra API

    Configure Zabbix

    1. Download Zabbix template for Astra to your computer:
    2. Open the Zabbix Admin interface: http://zabbix-server
    3. By default, login and password is Admin
    4. Change your password
    5. Go to Configuration -> Templates
    6. Click Import in the upper-right corner
    7. Click Browse. Open downloaded template: zbx_astra.xml
    8. Click Import. After successful import you will see on top the green message Imported successfully
    9. And again go to Configuration -> Templates and choose Astra API monitoring
    10. Choose Macros tab and fill the Value column:
      • First row set password for zabbix in Astra (user you created in previous step)
      • Second row set username for zabbix in Astra (same, user created in previous step)
      • Last row is a port for astra web-interface. If you have several instances set all ports separated by comma. For example: 8000,8001,8002
      • After filling all options, click the Update button
    11. Go to Configuration - > Hosts and click Create host in the upper-right corner
    12. Fill next fields:
      • Hostname - any name for server with Astra. for example Astra
      • Groups - select Cesbo_templates or create new group
      • Interfaces - click add, choose Agent, specify the IP or DNS name of the server with zabbix-agent
      • Open the Templates tab:
      • Link new templates: Astra API monitoring, and if you want to control overall system status append Linux by Zabbix agent
    13. Save the changes, and in 10 minutes, you will have graphs and triggers about the status of streams and adapters

    Examples of graphs