Astra relay

    Relay is an alternative UDP Proxy with some advanced features.


    astra --relay -p 8000
    After starting - relay is ready to work

    Launch options:

    --pass admin:admin - require authorization to access content (admin/admin).
    --buffer-size — the maximum buffer size for each client. Default 1024Kb
    --buffer-fill — buffer fill before sending data (minimum packet size), in kilobytes, default 128
    -a - external IP address.
    -l - the ip address of the multicast interface
    --daemon - start in daemon mode.
    --log - path to log file.

    Receive stream from relay:

    http://server_ip:8000/udp/ - UDP stream request from udp://
    http://server_ip:8000/http/ - HTTP stream request from

    Short links:

    create a file name.lua with the following content:

    channels = {
     ["СТБ"] = "udp://",
     ["Pervy"] = "udp://",
     ["Nashe_novooe_kino"] = "udp://",
     ["OTV"] = "udp://",
     ["Disney"] = "udp://",

    Run relay with this file:
    astra --relay /etc/astra/name.lua -p 8000
    Streams will be available as follows: http://ip:8000/Disney


    http://server_ip:relay_port/stat - displays current sessions.

    Example start string:

    astra --relay -a -p 8000 -l --log /var/log/astra_relay.log /etc/astra/name.lua --buffer-size 16384 --buffer-fill 512 --pass admin:admin --daemon