Fault-tolerant configuration

    To ensure fault tolerance in case of failure of the server-it is possible to use several servers running in High-availability mode.

    Consider the mode of operation of 2 servers with slave mode - adapters and channels remain inactive while the main process is running.
    Set up 2 Astra servers to broadcast multicast. The channels and their output settings are the same between and servers.
    On the server run the Astra with these parameters:

    astra -c /etc/astra/astra.conf -p 8000 --slave

    This command will start Astra and will constantly monitor the process on the server
    As soon as the connection with him will be lost - Astra to run all the channels to work.

    If the master server appears on the network - the channels and the receiving process stops-and Astra goes into standby mode.