Astra. Quick start

Install and Update

  1. Backup current version:
    tar -zcf ~/astra-backup.tar.gz /usr/bin/astra /etc/astra
  2. Choose new version below:
  1. Install new version:
    rm -f /usr/bin/astra
    wget -O /usr/bin/astra "..."
    chmod +x /usr/bin/astra
  2. Check installed version:
    astra -v
  3. Make directory for configuration files, if you install Astra first time:
    mkdir /etc/astra
  4. Astra is ready to go, launch next command to start astra:
    astra -c /etc/astra/astra.conf -p 8000 --daemon
    • -c /etc/astra/astra.conf — path to the configuration file, will be created on the first launch
    • -p 8000 — port for API and Web-interface
    • --daemon — start as a daemon
  5. After the launch, web-interface will be available on: http://адрес-вашего-сервера:8000 recommended to use next browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Additional parameters


We will send email to you with the license.txt file in attachment after the purchase or after the request of the demo license. This file should save on the server to the /etc/astra/license.txt

Migration to Astra 5

  1. Launc new version with empty configuration file
  2. Open previous configuration file and copy content to the clipboard
  3. In the web-interface open Settings -> Import
  4. Paste clipboard content and press Import
  5. Apply changes

System configuration