Astra. Quick Start

    Installation of the Cesbo Astra is a simple process - enough only one binary file.


    Download binary file and set execute permission. On the server you may use next command:

    curl -Lo /usr/bin/astra$(uname -m)
    chmod +x /usr/bin/astra

    After installation, register service in the systemd - system service manager in most Linux distributions:

    astra init

    Launch Astra:

    systemctl start astra

    After start web-interface will be available on: http://server-address:8000. Default login and password: admin

    By the default, for web-interface and control Astra used port 8000, you may define any port:

    astra init 4000

    Enable automatically launch on system startup:

    systemctl enable astra

    Process management

    Command to manage process with systemd:

    • systemctl start astra - start
    • systemctl stop astra - stop
    • systemctl restart astra - restart
    • systemctl enable astra - turn autorun on
    • systemctl disable astra - turn autorun off

    Check version

    After installation or after update you may check installed version:

    astra -v


    Before update create a backup with binary and with configuration files

    tar -Pzcf ~/astra-backup.tar.gz /usr/bin/astra /etc/astra

    To extract backup launch next commands:

    rm -f /usr/bin/astra
    tar -Pxf ~/astra-backup.tar.gz

    Install update:

    rm -f /usr/bin/astra
    curl -Lo /usr/bin/astra$(uname -m)
    chmod +x /usr/bin/astra

    Restart Astra after update.

    systemctl restart astra


    Stop service and turn autorun off:

    systemctl stop astra
    systemctl disable astra

    Remove service from the service manager:

    astra remove

    Remove binary file and configuration files:

    rm -rf /usr/bin/astra /etc/astra

    Install archived version

    On the web site also available archive: Find requried version, download it, and set execute permission:

    curl -Lo /usr/bin/astra linu-to-requried-version
    chmod +x /usr/bin/astra

    Purchase license

    1. Navigate to:
    2. Choose license type and how many servers you needed
      • Trial - is a free of charge license, let you try all features during 40 days
      • Subscription - license for specified time-period, with access to all updates
      • Lifetime - permanent license without updates
    3. Fill payment detail and choose payment method:
      • Visa / Mastercard
      • PayPal
      • Pay in advance - is a payment with the bank transfer by the invoice. We accept payments in Euro (official currency of the European Union). If you located in Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine then our local distributor will contact you and provide all necessary documents. Read more: Terms and Conditions
    4. On the next step check order detail and final amount
    5. Complete payment
      • Visa / Mastercard - you will be redirected to our payment gateway provided by EveryPay
      • PayPal - you will be redirected to the PayPal website
      • Pay in advance - download invoice and complete payment with bank transfer
    6. Payment with Visa / Mastercard / PayPal will be processed automatically and within few minutes after the payment you will receive email with confirmation and with serial number
    7. Save file with serial number from attachment to your server /etc/astra/license.txt

    License Renewal

    In 5 days before the expiration date, you will receive notification email. To renew your subscription, just click "Renew License" in this email, check your order details and complete payment. Also you may renew your subscription in your Profile: in the license menu choose "Renew subscription", check order detail and complete payment