Astra + Grafana

    Grafana is a convenient monitoring service. In this article, we will review the process of setting up Astra and Grafana to collect and analyze statistics.


    Install Influxdb

    cd /tmp
    sudo dpkg -i influxdb_1.7.3_amd64.deb
    • After installation, run the service:
      service influxdb start
    • Connect to influxdb:
      influx -precision rfc3339
    • Create a database:

    Install Grafana

    • Install:
      cd /tmp
      sudo dpkg -i grafana_6.0.2_amd64.deb 
    • After installation, run the service:
      service grafana-server start
    • Go to http://server_ip:3000 -the web interface should open. The default login and password is admin/admin
    • Connect influxdb: Click the Data Sources -> Add Data Source button to open the db settings menu. write on there:
      Name: Astra
       Type: InfluxDB
       URL: http://grafana-server-IP:8086 (or localhost)
       Database: Astra

      Click the Add button. You should see a green sign saying that the connection status is OK.

    • Download dashboard for streams or dashboard for dvb-adapters and import it: Click the button Dashboards -> Import.
    • Create a folder "/etc/astra/mod", put the script in it event.lua
    • In the web interface Astra prescribe the address to influxdb: (http://grafana-server-IP:8086/write?db=Astra#interval=60&total=1)
    • Channel names are taken from the ID field and are specified without spaces: (example: id: "old_tv")
    • Restarting Astra