logrotate - archive log files

    Astra records information about its status, results and errors in the log file. Standard location of logs in the folder /var/log/

    With the help of log analysis you can understand what works wrong, why the error occurred and how to solve the problem. Pay attention: the size of logs is constantly growing and they take more and more disk space, so you need time to clean logs and delete outdated records, so they do not interfere with normal operation. You can do this manually from time to time or configure Cron scripts, but there is an even simpler option - the logrotate utility.

    create the file /etc/logrotate.d/astra with content:

    /var/log/astra.log {
    rotate 3
    size 5M

    /var/log/astra.log - which log file to work with
    su - working on behalf root
    daily - perform rotation every day
    rotate 3 - number of archives
    size 5M - perform the rotation if the size is over 5 megabytes
    compress - to compress the file
    delaycompress - do not compress the last and penultimate log
    missingok - оmissing file is not an error
    nocreate - do not create empty file
    nomail - do not notify and do not send the latest logs in mail
    notifempty - do not process empty files
    copytruncate - after creating the copy, trim the original log file instead of moving the old log file and creating a new one

    To apply the changes immediately, run the following command:

    logrotate /etc/logrotate.conf

    To check the changes you need to run the command (no action will be performed with the logs):

    logrotate -d /etc/logrotate.conf

    Logrotate setup is complete