Access authorization

    Authorization allows you to control access to channels and allows you to save viewing statistics.

    Enable authorization:

    Go to Settings ➔ HTTP Authentication and check the check box Enable built-in HTTP/HLS authentication


    Click the "Apply & Restart" button. After that users (in the settings ➔ Users section) will have additional authorization options and integration with external services will appear.

    Users and tokens:
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    This type of authorization will allow you to use tokens, access by ip, login/password, limiting connections and the ability to set the date on which the user is active.

    Go to Settings ➔ Users, and in the upper right corner click on the NEW USER button. The add user window opens.


    Description of fields:

    • LOGIN - username (example "testuser").
    • PASSWORD - password (example "87326848").
    • COMMENT - comment (example "test user").
    • TYPE - user type:
      • User - cannot access the web interface. The account is used only for authorization (for example in VLC).
      • Observer - adds access rights to the web interface with read-only rights.
      • Administrator - full access rights.
    • TOKEN - token (example "8732684ydbeb8").
    • IP - IP address of the user.
    • STB - option reserved for middleware.
    • EXPIRATION - to set the amount of time an account will be active.
    • LIMIT CONNECTIONS - limiting connections to client devices.
    • PACKAGES - channel packages.

    examples of client authorization for HTTP Play:

    • http://server address:8000/playlist.m3u8?auth=testuser:87326848 - HTTP Play with login and password
    • http://server address:8000/playlist.m3u8?token=112277668833743 - HTTP Play with token

    External authorizations: (backend):
    Ministra/stalker portal

    In the field, enter the address of the Stalker Portal (for example "")
    This option enables "Temporary URL" support for working with theMinistra/Stalker portal
    In the settings of the Ministra/Stalker portal enable the option "Temporary URL - Flussonic support"

    Allow access without authorization

    It is possible to add IP addresses / networks whose users will have access to streams without authorization.

    Deny access

    Black list. It is possible to add IP addresses / networks whose users will not have access to streams, even if they have a login / password or a token.