Reset Password

    If you forget the password from the web interface, there are 2 ways to recover it.

    The first way

    This method works with Astra version at least 5.64.

    Connect to your server via ssh and launch in console:

    astra --reset-password

    Specify the port on which the astra process is running, the login for which you want to change the password and the new password.
    After completion of the script - enter the web interface with the data that you specified when you reset the password. There is no need to restart the Astra process.


    # astra --reset-password
    [main] Starting Astra v.5.64 
        Port: 8000
       Login: admin
    Password: new-password
    request complete.

    In this example, the password was reset for an astra running on port 8000. The user admin has been assigned the password new-password.

    Second way

    This method works with any Astra version

    Connect to your server via ssh and launch in console:

    sh <(wget -qO-

    Confirm password reset. If you have several processes, script asks confirmation for each.
    Restart Astra and login to the web interface with default login and password: admin

    This script looking running processes with name astra. If you use different process name (eg. renamed binary file), append process name to the end of the command line.


    sh <(wget -qO- a561

    where a561 is the name of the Astra process


    sh <(wget -qO-
    Reset password to default in /etc/astra/astra.conf [y/N] y