Web interface

Login and change default password

After executing the installation script, the web interface will be available at: http://server ip adress: 8000. (unless otherwise specified during installation)

On the login page-you will be asked for a login and password. The default username and password admin/admin Image

After logging in, a pop-up window will appear asking you to change your password. For security - follow this recommendation.


If you forget the password-in the server console is enough to run

astra --reset-password

and follow directions.

Web interface overview


  1. Сhannels-streams. Note-initially-they are absent.
  2. Dashboard button-go to the main page
  3. Sessions button - to display the list of sessions
  4. Settings button - go to settings
  5. Log button - display and view current messages
  6. Search string (channel search or adapter)
  7. New Adapter button - add a new DVB adapter
  8. New Stream button - add a new stream (channel)
  9. View button - settings channel grouping or display categories.