Astra 5.64 Changelog

    • HbbTV: drop original AIT stream if "HbbTV URL" defined
    • HTTP Output: HTTP headers for CORS
    • HTTP Output: fix crash on apply stream changes with disabled sessions
    • HLS Output: any name for index file
    • HLS Output: relative full path in the .m3u8 (for example /play/a001/segment.ts instead of segment.ts)
    • HLS Output: absolute path in the .m3u8 if Hostname defined in the Settings -> HLS
    • UDP Output: optional multithreading and options in Settings -> General
    • HTTP Input: default buffer_time=3
    • File Input: better for large files
    • PID Filter: fix filter for CAS descriptors (dropped descriptors with duplicated PIDs)
    • Simulcrypt: fix long ECM packets and muxing of the PSI response into TS packages
    • Simulcrypt: hack for DGCrypt and CTI (stream_id started from 1)
    • DVB Input: fix crash on scan with DDCI
    • DDCI: fix ddci in the input options
    • integration with systemd for easy installation
    • XMLTV import for middleware

    Built-in HTTP/HLS Authentication:

    • black/white IP lists
    • stalker/ministra integration
    • user authentication: token, login+password, ip, mac (for middleware)
    • user restrictions: date, connections limit, packages


    • { "cmd": "get-user", "id": "login" } - get user config
    • { "cmd": "check-stream", "id": "a001", "status": true } - get stream status
    • { "cmd": "set-license", "license": "xxx" } - set serial number


    • Save changes into config file with delay
    • Settings -> Groups: crash on removing group
    • Settings -> License: more license information and set serial number
    • License notifications
    • Restart on apply changes in: Settings -> General, Settings -> HTTP Play, Settings -> HLS
    • Dashboard: order streams by LCN
    • Dashboard: refresh stream status (the on demand streams becomes Inactive if no one watch it)
    • Advanced options for MPTS stream:
      • Pass NIT/SDT/EIT/TDT - pass tables generated by external systems (cherryepg for example)
      • PAT/NIT/CAT/SDT version - custom version for tables
    • Sessions: total value on top of list
    • Adapter settings: group adapter in the Adapter list - Available/Taken