Simulcrypt - is a DVB protocol to enable use of multiple Conditional Access Systems in the same channel at the same time.


    • CAS (Conditional Access System) - is a complex of the several systems to protect channels from unauthorised access
    • CSA (Common Scrambling Algorithm) - is a most popular algorithm in broadcasting networks to protect video and audio content
    • Scrambler - is a part of the system CAS for scrambling data in the transport stream with CSA. In our case this is Astra
    • ECM (Entitlement Control Message) - is an encrypted packet with keyword for CSA descrambler
    • ECMG (ECM Generator) - is a generator of the ECM packets
    • EMM (Entitlement Management Message)** - is an packet with subscription information for CSA descrambler
    • EMMG (EMM Generator) - is a generator of the EMM packets

    CAS Configuration

    CAS Configuration located in Settings → CAS and has next options:

    • Name - any name to find CAS in the stream settings
    • Super CAS ID - identifier of the CAS
    • ECMG Channel ID -
    • ECMG Address -
    • ECMG Port -
    • Crypto Period - is an interval in seconds to generate new CSA keyword. Usually - 10 seconds
    • EMMG Protocol - protocol to receive data from EMMG
    • EMMG Port - local port to accept connection from EMMG
    • EMM PID - packet identifier for EMM packets. Should be in range 32-8190
    • EMM Private Data - private data to append into the CAT table Most of this options provided by the CAS provider

    Stream Configuration

    Stream settings → Service → Conditional Access

    • CAS - CAS Configuration
    • ECM PID - packet identifier for ECM packets. Should be in range 32-8190
    • ECM Private Data - private data to append into the PMT table
    • Access Criteria - this parameter carries the access criteria concerning an ECM stream