Export of statistics and events allows you to transfer data on the status of incoming streams, DVB adapter via HTTP in JSON format.

To activate the export of statistics and events, you must specify the address of the monitoring server http://example.local:port/path.
The address of the monitoring server can be specified in the web interface: Settings → General → Monitoring.
If you are configuring with scripts, you can specify the address at the beginning of the script: init_event_request("ADDRESS").
You can specify additional parameters in the address:

interval=30 - statistics transmission interval in seconds. Default, 30 seconds. Example: http://example.local:port/path#interval=60

total=1 — to summarize the statistics. Example: http://example.local:port/path#interval=60&total=1 every minute, an array with one element is sent to the server - general statistics for one minute of the stream monitoring

Start stream

Detailed information about the stream. Sent to the monitoring server when the stream starts

Stream analysis

During the stream operation, complete status information is transmitted:

Starting the adapter

Detailed information about the adapter. Transmitted to the monitoring server when the adapter is started

Adapter status

During the operation of the adapter, full information about the signal level and errors is transmitted.

Status value-the number of 5 bits which describe the state of the tuner:

The value of the signal and snr is passed as-is to get the result in percentage, you must perform the transformation: (X * 100) / 65535. If raw_signal is enabled, the dBm value and conversion is not required.