EPG Export

EPG is an electronic program guide. EPG Export extracts the program guide from the receiving stream and saves it into the local file or sends it to the some server.

In the web interface the EPG Export option is available in the Stream settings → EPG → EPG Export:





This option let to override EPG codepage. By the default Astra get codepage from the stream in the EIT table

EPG Aggregator

EPG Aggregator is a script for Astra to receive EPG from many servers and save it into the single XMLTV file.

To install script, just download it:

wget -O /etc/astra/epg-aggregator.lua http://cesbo.com/download/astra/scripts/epg-aggregator.lua
And launch it:

astra /etc/astra/epg-aggregator.lua -o /tmp/epg.xml -p 5000 --daemon

Available options: