Astra 5.64 Changelog

    • simulcrypt: option EMM Clone - duplicates EMM packets for all streams with same CAS
    • web: option to disable/enable servers: Settings -> Servers -> Enable
    • web: app option –no-web-auth to disable authorisation to the web interface (admin access without password)
    • reserve: removed option backup_force_return, now enabled by the default. if all inputs inactive (all inputs not work), then astra switch to any active input immediately, without delay
    • pid-mux: an input option to append any PID into the input. for example append audio stream into the RTSP stream from cameras. the donor stream should be in udp. example usage: rtsp://
      where - is UDP stream (same as UDP-input, but without udp:// prefix),
      304 - is PID from this UDP stream